Welcome to the Flow

And Then We Flow is a space where restless minds find solace, and rejuvenation takes center stage. We are so excited to extend a heartfelt welcome to you on this journey towards inner peace and self-discovery. 

Below, explore our curated collection of guided meditations where each breath carries you closer to a more centered and balanced existence.

Allow yourself to be present, to let go, and to simply flow. Embrace each moment with an open heart, and let the gentle current of meditation carry you to a place of profound self-awareness.


Flow Basics

Intention: This meditation is like the cozy blanket of our community, and we recommend starting here to ease into a practice that feels right for you. We'll use this gentle mindfulness practice to build the relationship to our intuition.

Morning Flow

Intention: We created this recording of affirmations to help start your day on the right note, but you make the rules and can listen whenever you'd like. Either way, we're putting out good intentions.

Evening Flow

Intention: These affirmations are perfect for winding down at the end of your workday or as you drift off to sleep. The magic here is all about letting go of any stress or fast-paced vibes from the day and gently slowing down.

6-Minute Grounding

Intention: Grounding is so important for feeling balanced and centered. We're going to get present and rooted.


Intention: During this meditation, we'll create a calm and focused mental space, allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom.

Anxiety Release

Intention: Anxiety can be consuming. We created this practice as a guide for those moments when it feels overwhelming. We'll utilize breathwork and mindfulness to shake off that unwanted energy together.