Our Story

And Then We Flow is a space for healing and transformation. We want to help you connect to your intuition. 


Hustle culture, trauma, and more have pushed many of us away from our own inner knowing. We’re here to support you in finding the balance — where true flow lives.


Our journey began back in late 2015 when we were juggling a full-time college load and commuting out of state for internships. We got completely burned out, but guess what? That burnout became the catalyst for an amazing inward journey into spirituality and wellness that completely turned our lives around.

Now, we're officially certified in breathwork and meditation, and offer our signature Flow Readings where we dive into the energy of your chakras to provide guidance. These tools have been game-changers in our own healing, and we've had the incredible honor of supporting others on their unique journeys.


Even with the hustle and bustle of NYC life around us, we've created a little haven for ourselves. Picture this: a safe space to unwind, disconnect, and embrace all things soft and cozy. This deep sense of home and self-cultivation inspired our first curated collection – and we can't wait to share it with you!