Flow Readings

If you’re looking for clarity on where you are, guidance on where you’re going, and recommendations on steps to take, this dual reading session is for you. Sabine and Carine will spend 30 minutes in meditation prior to the session connecting and reading your energy, consulting with your guides, and channeling messages you need to hear right now. During our session, they will share what came up during their separate readings and encourage an engaging conversation, so you’re encouraged to ask questions along the way. You’ll leave the session feeling grounded, supported, and with the clarity you’re seeking.


I am not joking when I say this reading has changed my life, and I immediately told all of my friends because of how much of an impact this reading had on me...Many readers will give you a reading and no resolutions, but [they] make sure to give advice as they go through some of the blockages they may see.


The level of detail and thoughtfulness was felt even before we were in our session. I am so thankful and grateful for Sabine & Carine going step by step and explaining everything in a manner that was very easy to digest while still providing a ton of value and depth.


My experience was magical and beautiful. I loved hearing my story through her voice and perspective. [The] messages were gentle and thoughtful, but incredibly detailed and succinct.


My reading was incredible. [They] identified timelines and articulated details about myself and purpose no one else knows and conveyed them in such a respectful and impactful way. The delivery was so well executed you can’t help but feel comfortable and feel motivated about steps forward.


This reading was a very special experience. [Their] insight, delivery and deeper investigation provided me with so much clarity and awareness I was seeking. The detail in what was coming through was very profound. [Their] soft yet expansive energy made me feel safe and supported throughout the entire process. Overall it was a beautiful experience and will cherish it for a long time.